Angela Topping, Occupational Therapist



Medical Legal Consultations

Comprehensive medical-legal consultations to lawyers and insurance companies on client's challenges in daily living,  work, leisure and social participation.

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Functional Capacity Evaluations
"Bridging the gap between impairment and disability"

Detailed assessments of a worker's physical abilities to carry out job duties.

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Cognitive Assessment

Brain Fx 360 and Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations to assess neurofunction.

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Cost of Care Future Analysis

An organized plan for current and future needs with associated costs, replacement schedules and dates of implementation and expected ending dates.

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Workplace Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Identifying and reducing injury risk factor to help injured workers return to work faster, increase their comfort and suggest modifications to regain productivity.

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Accessible Design - Home and Commercial Modification Plans  

Helping aging or disabled clients stay safe in their homes and age in place; helping aging and disabled clients navigate safely in the community and public spaces

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Worksite Assessments and Accommodations

On-site evaluation of the worker's pre-injury duties and/or potentially suitable duties to identify demands of work tasks, performance, modifying work demands and workplace strategies.

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Clients are provided with reports that are

  • Legally defensible
  • Medically sound
  • Analytically based